Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook Launches on July 25th

“In the end, it comes down to throwing one pitch after another, and seeing what happens. With each new consequence, the game begins to take shape." - Benjamin Sisko

Modiphius Entertainment is excited to announce the release date for the Star Trek Adventures Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook. It will be available from the Modiphius webstore in print & pdf on July 25th 2019, and in friendly local gaming stores in August.

The Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook contains everything you need to run and play games in the Alpha Quadrant whether you want to negotiate with a Ferengi starship, play as a Caitian or explore the Badlands and Demilitarized zones on the Federations border. Moving the timeline forwards from 2371 to when the Klingon's withdraw from the Khitomer Accords in 2372 the sourcebook also encompasses the next stage in the Star Trek Adventures living campaign.

Up Coming Public Appearances

The guys and gals at Geek Public Radio have been busy with the new studio space, new GPFilms in production and a couple getting ready to be released, and of course convention appearances coming up.

We will be in attendance at Gencon again this year with another live show, with some industry guests (to be announced), with prizes, games, and fun. If you are looking for something to do right after the vendor hall on Friday the 2nd of August, come and hang out with us at the Westin Grand Ballroom IV at 6pm est. Because Gencon needs to pay for the space, there is a two dollar fee per person. You can get tickets by searching event code ENT19146120 in the events on the Gencon website. Hope to see you there.

The dying Red Planet is waiting for your footprints in the dust!

Ever since telescopes have allowed it, mankind has observed the surface of Mars with its massive canal structures. But only when Thomas Edison set foot on the Red Planet was the truth revealed: Mars is home to a culture whose ancestors built the canals. They used them to distribute the water of the polar caps and thus saved the dying planet from the inevitable.

Their deeds have enabled the Martians to live on for tens of thousands of years.

Edison brought news from this world where many new civilizations waited to be discovered, all with their own customs, rites, beliefs, and world views. The British, the Germans, the French Commune, Belgian corporations, the Japanese and the Russians all landed on Mars to found their own colonies. What brought economic boons and technological progress to the cooperating city-states, instead brought exploitation, oppression, and war to the rest.

Modiphius Embraces World of Darkness

Announces The Fall of London V5 Chronicle
Modiphius Entertainment has signed a publishing deal with Paradox Interactive to manage the tabletop roleplaying brand Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

“We are thrilled to become the official stewards of this incredible roleplaying game,” said Chris Birch, President and CEO of Modiphius. “And we look forward to developing and publishing the official Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5) tabletop roleplaying game under license from Paradox. We’re committed to providing fans with a truly exceptional range of new products to help them enjoy this rich, exciting world.”

Modiphius has already earned recognition for its hugely successful pre-order and distribution of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition following its 2017 distribution deal with White Wolf Entertainment. After discussions with Paradox, Modiphius has agreed to oversee all publishing and licensing for V5 tabletop roleplaying games.

Modiphius will be responsible for guiding the plot development running throughout V5 tabletop roleplaying products and ensuring each product is fully approved by both the White Wolf brand team within Paradox, and also with Modiphius own team of V5 experts.
Modiphius is committed to delivering a truly exceptional range for V5 that maintains the high standard of editing, production, and development seen in their other lines. Working with existing White Wolf partners Onyx Path Publishing, Elderwood Academy, Dogmight Games, Nosolorol, Arkhane Asylum, Need for Games, Studio 101, By Night Studios, and many more to be announced soon, the team will continue to expand on the diverse product range as well as available languages. Modiphius will work with all partners to ensure major releases are also available at retail.

Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest First Thoughts

Like many others, at Gencon this year, we picked up the paperback copy of the Pathfinder 2.0 playtest. First of all, I like the idea of grabbing the playtest this way, because it covers the cost of the book, plus I get to hold a copy of it in my hands and pass it around the table. PDF's work, however, I still prefer the feel of the books in my hands. That was nice. However, I am not sure who did/would purchase the more expensive copies like the hardback, or the even higher priced special edition copy. That seems a little over kill for my tastes, but to each their own.

Digging into the book as we got home (ok why am I lying, as soon as I got into the hallway from purchasing it), I started to really look at some of the new items that made it into the playtest. Remember, this is just a playtest and can change when the actual edition comes out. This isn't an exhaustive list, as we are still pulling it apart and playing it to see where the bits and pieces fall. As we get moving along with the playtest and digging into the book more thoroughly, we will post further articles.


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