Could Kingsman sequal include a surprise character?

When addressed with the question, director Matthew Vaughn stated that certain deceased super bad ass agent played by Colin Firth would not be making an appearance in the next film in the Kingsman line. However, star Taron Egerton is either have fun with us... or Vaughn is playing a shell game. Either way, it is fun little piece of marketing...

This new addition will see the return of Egerton's Eggsy and the crew of Kingsman dealing with their American counterparts known as the Statesmen. All of them together will need to work together to battle Julianne Moore's villain, a woman named Poppy. Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be coming out June 16th of next year.


Coming to this point... letter from the Editor

It has been a long road... As you can see we have finally got the original domain back. From the time we launched 5 years ago, people have came, and people have gone. Medical issues reared their ugly head, and while some understood and continue to understand, some didn't and they have left. We have lost our way with growth, and at times it seemed we turned our back on the purpose of this place.

But with time and perspective, we have come back to what we originally intended... A place to talk about, play, and love games... A place to geek out over all the little things that we enjoy, and complain (which is our right as fanboys... lol) about the things we don't. Most of all it is a place to come together and revel in our geekdom.

Now that we are back home, this is our place... and we will keep it going even if the walls fall...


Slime of Fury splats onto Kickstarter!

USA, MILWAUKEE - April 7, 2016 - Jon Harwood, a Milwaukee game developer announces Kickstarter for Slime of Fury!

Slime of Fury is a 2D Zeldroidvania sidescroller where you take control of Slimy, a cute green slime monster. Punch monsters repeatedly in the face and take all their lunch money. Explore a variety of different areas each with unique enemies and items. Talk to and purchase items from a slew of zany NPCs.


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