New Doctor Announced… and Men are sexist, apparently...

So, as with any recasting of the Doctor, there is a segment of the fandom who are displeased with the choice. The internet has been buzzing with pro-new doctor calling anti-new doctor people names and vice versa… Apparently if someone disagrees with your opinion you are automatically a snowflake. Let’s breakdown why someone would have a disagreeing opinion about the newest Dr.

Psychologically speaking, some people are comfortable with the way the show has been cast for the last 50+ years... and to change that makes them feel that what they internalized about the show and what they love will be taken away. Some others (it may overlap with some of the former as well... I can't do Venn diagrams in text... lol) feel that the decision was more of a stunt than an organic casting choice. Third camp feel it was lazy casting, as witnessed by the fact that Chibnall (who headed Broadchurch as well) just picked an actress he already worked with instead what would be the best choice for the new Doctor.

So, let’s explore some of these reasons. Being a member of a fandom means that someone has invested a lot of time and emotions into a character. With a character that has been around longer than 50 years, had 36 seasons, and 12 Doctors, there is a lot of room for people to internalize these characters. So, for someone to be upset that there is a change in the dynamic with a new incarnation of a character that they have spent time, money, and vested with some sense of emotional ownership over, is only natural. In fact, every time there is a new doctor, there is this argument. “Oh no, they will be a terrible Doctor.” I know several that didn’t like Matt Smith, and even more that didn’t like Peter Capaldi.

GPR membership moves to Facebook

GPR, for some time now, has had a public option on this website that allowed people to join the page and discuss things in the public forum. However, due to the ever increasing amount of spam, bots, and other various unwanted items that crept into the page, we will be moving the discussion forum onto Facebook... So you will have access to all the facebook posts, live streams, and discussion all from the facebook page and the linked GPR group. Come on in and check it out... If you know any geeks, gamers, nerds, ect who would like to have a nice place to talk games... promote games... look for groups... and discuss random life events... please invite... We have a few rules here... No religion, No politics, and Play Nice... everything else is fair game... Link is up on the menu.

Game Stores That Actually Carry RPG Books?

Am I the only one that enjoys walking into a game shop and seeing the shelves of game books that line the walls? It seems that those days are long gone (at least around here). I love finding new game shops, and have recently found myself driving an hour and a half to find a new one. The problem is, just like all the game stores around us, they focused on video games, board and card games. When I asked if they had any RPG books, I got the normal response I have become accustomed to... We can order it.


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