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REDMOND, WA (July 26, 2016): Paizo Inc., publisher of the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, is honored to have four of its Pathfinder team members chosen by Gen Con to be among the Industry Insider Featured Presenters at this year’s convention, held in Indianapolis August 4 – 7, 2016.

F. Wesley Schneider is Paizo’s editor-in-chief and Pathfinder co-creator. Schneider is the author of dozens of Pathfinder game books, novels, and comics, and formerly served on the editorial staff of Dragon Magazine. A noted expert on horror, world-building, and storytelling, Schneider has also spoken at length on inclusivity and GLBTQ topics in gaming.

Wes’s Industry Insider panels include:
Worldbuilding (11 a.m. Thursday, Room 240; SEM1610024)
The Freelancer’s 10 Commandments (10 a.m. Friday, Room 240; SEM16100235)
Storytelling & Self Censorship (5 p.m. Friday, Room 201; SEM16100234)

Crystal Frasier is a writer, game developer, and graphic designer with eighteen years experience, best known for her work on the Pathfinder line of roleplaying games and adventures. She strives to make game worlds where everyone can see themselves reflected. She is a survivor of both the Art Institute of Seattle and New College of Florida, and pulls heavy inspiration for her work from European, Central American, and African history as well as the works of L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll.

Crystal’s Industry Insider panels include:
Inclusive Gaming: How to Host & Create a Safe & Welcoming Space for All (1 p.m. Friday, Room 241; SEM16100219)
Writing Trans Characters for Games & Fiction (12 p.m. Saturday, Room 241; SEM16100242)
Designing Better Adventures (5 p.m., Room 212; SEM1699494)
Gaming Needs You! (11 a.m. Sunday, Room 240; SEM16100213)

Amanda Hamon Kunz is a Pathfinder RPG staff developer and freelance contributor at Paizo, Inc. She is also an award-winning freelance game designer, developer, and editor whose work has been featured by third-party publishers such as Hammerdog Games, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and Mechanical Muse, including Kobold Press’ ENnie-winning Deep Magic, for which she served as lead developer and editor.

Amanda’s Industry Insider panels include:
Worldbuilding (11 a.m. Thursday, Room 240; SEM1610024)
Inclusive Gaming: How to Host & Create a Safe & Welcoming Space for All (1 p.m. Friday, Room 241; SEM16100219)
Gaming Needs You! (11 a.m. Sunday, Room 240; SEM16100213)

Jessica Price Jessica Price has worked in video games, alternate reality games/transmedia entertainment, and tabletop roleplaying games as a writer, editor, game designer and producer on everything from MMOs to Xbox titles to games involving a lot of dice. After helping create the Kinect launch portfolio as a writer/editor at Microsoft Studios, she moved to Paizo Publishing, where she is the project manager for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In addition to keeping Paizo's production processes running smoothly, she has been the lead developer on major Pathfinder releases such as the Strategy Guide, Inner Sea Gods, and Inner Sea Races, and an author for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line.

Jessica’s Industry Insider panels include:
Starting Out: Getting Into the Games Industry (11 a.m. Thursday, Room 241; SEM16100232)
It’s a Jungle Out There: Safety for Gamers (1 p.m. Thursday, Room 240; SEM16100220)
Beyond 101: Evolving Discussions of Women in Games (5 p.m. Thursday, Room 240; SEM16100195)
5 Ways of Finding Your Spark (2 p.m. Friday, Room 240; SEM16100170)

“Gen Con has always an absolute blast and easily the best part is getting to meet so many fantastic folks who have gaming in their blood,” says F. Wesley Schneider. “This year, as a Gen Con Industry Insider, my panels have me talking more than ever before, but more importantly it’s giving me the chance to meet gamers I’ve never interacted with, hear their perspectives, and learn what they want in the games they play. I’m absolutely honored by the opportunity to speak, but what’s more exciting is the chance to listen.”

Gen Con’s Industry Insider program is a curated program based around all things gaming related. The program consists of seminars and panels suggested and hosted by this year’s Industry Insiders. Topics vary and are as diverse as the Featured Presenters themselves.


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