Looking at World of Warships

A military buff friend of mine has been going on and on about this game. Mind you he was all about World of Tanks for a while, but fell off… and he wasn’t hip to the World of Planes thing. But he is very into naval history and naval equipment, so he naturally fell right in to this. He spends hours telling tales of ships that he has destroyed and how the different modules and what-nots are historically accurate. So, I decided to give it a try.

First I must say that I wish they wouldn’t make you update through each game update and patch. Not sure it was every one, but it did take a day and a half of updating to get to play. By the time I got the other updated downloaded and installed, there was another update as I finally got to sit down and play.

However, once I was finally able to get into the game, it became a little addicting. Granted the ships you first get are a little under powered, but they match you well. I spent the first few hours getting the hang of everything, like windage and the whole lot.

By the time that I had to leave to go to work, I was level 4 and just purchased a tier III ship St. Louis class and was starting to become addicted. Don’t get me wrong, there is some bad points to the game. I have yet to figure out how they base the stars awarded, I tend to get more stars when I die faster. But outside of one person who just sat off on the edge of the map and complained that it wasn’t fun, I have not run into anyone with personality issues. No complaints, though I must say I was on the winning side 97% of the time. I only lost one or two battles since I started.

The progression through the different ships is interesting, but the bigger ships you get, the long it takes to advance (as I think it should be). I suggest playing it… however, if you do not have ultra-high speed internet please start downloading and running updates before you go to bed.


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