Geek Public Radio

The DJ’s

                                                             Topher Chambers – Founder of Geek Public Radio and just one of the voices on the GPR Podcast. Topher has pushed for the last 5 years to keep GPR up to date on games and the geek community, and is focused on taking this next step to re-focus the brand back to its roots.
                                                             Bill Maddox – Other Co-host of the Man Cave on Friday nights at 7pm. Bill is a handyman, mechanic, and home brewer of fine beverages.
Jim is the resident metal head, car guy and small business owner.  Jim studied Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice at Vincennes University. His classes there involved studying aspects of criminal behavior and witnessing the aftermath.
“Lil Sonny” Stafford – Newest member of the team. Co-host of the GPR podcast as well, Stafford has 15 years of experience at the Indiana Department of Corrections, where he has dealt with all manners of individuals, from petty criminals, to murderers. One can only imagine what he has seen behind bars.
Chris “The Yeti” Eddy, aka Cheddy, is a craftsman, historian, military and naval enthusiast. He has several years of research into military weapons and tactics, as well as a wide breadth of knowledge on a multitude of topics.