A Reboot of an older show… Looking at Leverage 2.0

I was looking at the casting calls the other day, like I do most days.  I am currently not in the locations I was looking around in but am going to be there as soon as travel is better.  Anyways I got a surprise on one of the casting sites.  On the sheet was a title of a series that I really enjoyed; however, it has been over for a few years now.  So, imagine my surprise when I come across Leverage 2.0. 

When I saw that I was of two minds.  This will be cool if it is the same show coming back, but I hope it isn’t going to be just a rehash with new people and the same schtick.  My hopes were somewhat diminished when I found that Noah Wyle is going to be one of the new characters.  But when I found that the original members Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman, and Christian Kane were all returning I felt better. Even Aldis Hodge, who played Hardison will be back, but in a limited capacity as the shooting schedule appears to conflict with some of the shooting for his showtime series. In fact, the only cast member to not be returning is the lead Timothy Hutton, though it seems that stems from recent assault allegations that have been made against Hutton dating back to 1983. 

With all the team back together, mostly, and the new characters coming in, it throws out the question will everyone have time for the new series.  Everyone is already on another popular show now, plus Wiley is only signed to a one year, 13-episode contract for now.  Are we going to see the first season set up a whole new group of people to carry on?  If so, that wouldn’t be too bad, but there should be consistency.  At least the creative team from the original is in charge this time too, so the feel should be the same.

Filming for the new series has started in New Orleans and looks like the whole season will be shot there. If you are in the area and are interested in jumping on as an extra check out Central Casting and see if you can make it on the show.  Looks to be fun.