GPR invades Indy PopCon 2016… We check out some cool venders and talk to some cool people… check out all the videos at


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Classic GPR – Mayfair Games (2014)
Topher sits down and talks with reps from Mayfair Games.
Classic GPR – Gencon Opening (2014)
Topher opening up Gencon 2014
Classic GPR – True Dungeon (2014)
Topher talks to the guys behind the True Dungeon and takes a walk [...]
Classic GPR – Jeff Interview
Gencon 2014 - Jeff interview.
Classic GPR – Gencon Mythical Eras of War (2014)
Gencon 2014, Topher stops by the Mythical Eras of War booth.
Classic GPR – Forged Foam (2014)
Topher stops by the Forged Foam booth and gets his butt whooped.
Classic GPR – Gencon Jeff Interview w/ Mathew Allen
Jeff talks cosplay with actor Mathew Allen

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