Bad Boys, but for life?

The film is more middle of the road, as some critics are, well, critical, of this third installment. Others have said that it is the best film in the franchise. While it is good, I’m not sure that it was the best of the three films. There is some depth in its female characters, even though it doesn’t seem fully fleshed out. Despite that, many are calling the latest effort a “solid” addition to the franchise.

The film opens with Detectives Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowery (Will Smith) being more mindful of collateral damage, in a speeding Porsche. This time, in a “kinder, gentler Bad Boys” sort of way. In a flash back to the older buddy cop movies, it is Martin Lawrence’s character who realizes he’s “getting too old for this shit.” Leaving Will Smith’s character Mike to change his mind.

Where the film differs from the previous films is how we are involved with the emotional stake for Mike and Marcus. It is more earnest and sincere than anything we have seen so far. Smith and Lawrence do their best work at trying to make the film about their partnership and personal relationship while dealing with the rest of the plot. And I think they pull it off. Though they keep saying that they are doing this one last time. There was a cheap post credit scene that sets up a BB4, maybe in the future.

The question is, even with some critics enjoying the film, why would you drop a film in January? From an outside perspective, bad movies go to die in January. The two predecessors were released in April and July, respectively. Not to mention that they were both directed by Michael Bay. However, Bay’s absence coupled with the release date makes it worth wondering if Sony had any faith in the film.

Do I recommend it? It has it’s faults, as all of them have. This one is different, it felt a little different, and has shown some growth. While that is true, it is still a fun romp. Is it something I would spend more money on? No not really. I do however, recommend seeing it once. Then, after it hits Netflix or what ever streaming service it will go to, watch it again.