Take Me to the Afterlife I feel like I’m one of many fans who has sat patiently for the last 20 years, eagerly awaiting someone, ANYONE to take up the mantle of the Ghostbusters and bring the zany comedy back to the mainstream. When 2016 rolled around and they announcedContinue Reading

Lucifer Season 6 Review After six seasons, many deaths and many coming back, many trips to Hell, and then to the Silver City, Lucifer finally comes to an end that many may not have seen coming.  I’m trying to be as spoiler-free as possible, which, after this last season isContinue Reading

While we were perusing Days of the Dead Indianapolis, Topher and I stumbled across a cool booth located conveniently just three down from ours. At this Beautifully decorated booth sat three inconspicuous men. Each with a beaming smile reaching from ear to ear. They sat behind their tables, happy, andContinue Reading

First off, I don’t do music reviews. I tend to find myself enjoying most music that’s presented to me. I don’t have a degree in music theory, I was absent for the majority of college campus days and my musical preference ranges from Chopin to Steel Panther. What I doContinue Reading

Another zombie movie. I could just leave that singular sentence as it stands and that would conclude the entirety of this review. You all deserve better than that though and I’m here to facilitate that reward. To be quite honest, Army of the Dead (2021) deserves a more nuanced explanation as well I suppose. So hopefully you’re buckled into a garbage Huey and ready for an explosive ride. Continue Reading

Othercide first caught my attention while I was perusing Steam, looking for games that I would enjoy on my PC. I have always struggled with the idea of gaming on a PC outside of strategy or MMO style games, and as such I have tended to stay away from FPS games or games that fall outside of those types of categories. I’ve enjoyed Warcraft, Command and Conquer and even the X-COM games and this is what led to my discovery of Othercide.Continue Reading

MORTAL KOOOOMBAAAAAT! FINISH HIM! Flawless Victory… If you grew up in the 90’s chances are really good that you’ve heard these lines thrown out into the ether accompanied by cheering or groaning depending on which end the player found themselves on. Even if you somehow avoided encountering these sounds, although when the Amish get the reference and you don’t, I wonder about the size of the rock you hid under, you probably heard your friends quoting these lines in school.Continue Reading

I have to start with a little bit of a confession, while I have watched the two Godzilla movies preceding this one, neither of them really stuck with me. They were fun, and I can remember some of the events, but when I left it didn’t really stick with me. Skull Island, on the other land, had the visuals and soundtrack that really stuck it in my mind. So going into this I tried to keep it as neutral as possible, so we will see.Continue Reading

Unlike the raving DC fan base, I did not hate Joss Whedon’s version. I did find it forgettable, but I did not hate it. I mean I literally forgot that I had seen it. I did not hate it though. After seeing Zack Snyder’s take I have completely different point of view. Since the first was so forgettable, I decided to watch the first version before watching the new version. I thought it fair to compare them and see if one can measure up to the other. Continue Reading