Ecotone, the weird platformer is available now on Steam Early Access

April 7, 2016 – ecotone is available now at $8,99 with 15% off for a week on Steam Early Access!
Sundae factory is proud to announce the release in early access of Ecotone, a dark platformer based on a mysterious atmosphere and story.

About Ecotone:
Ecotone is a platform game with an evolving gameplay which allows brainwork and/or skill phases. The game’s primary focus is to invite the gamer into a new kind of world and features a unique, dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere. In Ecotone’s strange world, you will embody a weird little character lacking a real identity. As this character passes each level, he will earn some new skills to help him in his journey. However, beware of the environment since it is inhabited by strange creatures and monsters.
The specific characteristic of the game is that the mechanics of each level are different: speed chase, puzzle solving, reversed gravity, stop time and more! Each level is based on a sentence which allows the player to understand the story of the avatar. Sometimes, this sentence is the key to understanding the riddle and finish the level.

Ecotone plan to release a final version later this spring across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

• A new gameplay at each level, you will never get bored.
• A quirky universe
• A unique soundtrack
• A retro feeling (no checkpoints, use code to reach levels etc…)
• Discover an unexpected story

About Early Access : All the features are already in the game, the early access main goal is to get the extra feedbacks and polish we need before the release, thanks to the community.

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