Event Submissions near for GenCon 2020

It has only been four months since the last GenCon, however, to quote a country song from Robert Earl Keen, the party never ends. Event submissions and badge registration for this next year get ready to open this month.

That is right true believers, starting January 12th, event submissions open. So get ready all you GM’s and DM’s who run games at the con, all you creative people who do all the wonderfully fun events, and yes all you podcasters like us who GenCon lets have a space to live events from.

This year, Event Organizers (or EO’s) can request electronic ticketing for their events. This makes taking last minute purchases for your game or show very simple. No more directing people back to the ticket line that runs a mile long, nor people missing out because they didn’t have enough generics on them.

According to the GenCon website: to participate in electronic ticketing as an EO, you’ll need:

  • A late-model iOS or Android phone with the Gen Con mobile app installed.
  • And/or a computer with a USB barcode scanner capable of scanning Code39 barcodes

You can still accept paper tickets, but if you only have e-tickets, the reconciliation process is already done. No more sending in the tickets for them to get counted.

And remember that the badges go on sale January 26th as well. And you know what that means… hotel registration is shortly after that. We all love that.

So are you already hyped for this years con? Let us know on our facebook page.