Holy $hit Man! I Watched a Movie

While we were perusing Days of the Dead Indianapolis, Topher and I stumbled across a cool booth located conveniently just three down from ours. At this Beautifully decorated booth sat three inconspicuous men. Each with a beaming smile reaching from ear to ear. They sat behind their tables, happy, and proudly displaying their latest film. Holy Shit Man. Any long time fan of this website or our podcasts will quickly identify the appeal of this particular subject matter to me. I was instantly drawn, like a pathetic moth dancing before the flame of demise. I wax poetic but this Indie film drew me in so completely that I almost completely missed the fact that Holy Shit Man (Brent Black) himself was sitting behind the booth, ready to apply his fecal signature to any copy of the film that left the table. I was sold. One copy and a single day later and I was introduced to the stars and crew of the film as well, laughing and joking with them as each signed my respective copy of the movie as well as gracing us with a signed movie poster which we now display proudly in our studio. Enough about my geeking out, on to the film! 

One of the things we enjoy over here at GPR is being able to bring attention to a film that doesn’t enjoy the mainstream marketing of other big budget studio flicks. Films that creators distribute on their own or utilize smaller distributors. Much the same way we promote The Black Book by Rutledge Productions (Woohoo shameless plug! I’m proud of this one), other studios often do the same. Holy Shit Man! falls into this category. A small crew, a grand idea and a twisted sense of humor are hallmark staples of an indie horror comedy and HSM does not disappoint. From the opening sequence, a tongue in cheek amateur adult film shoot poking indiscriminate fun at the often overacted and cheesy plot lines found in that industry and seamlessly sets the tone for a romp through troma-like inspiration. It was perfect for me and I found myself laughing at the blatantly comical introduction that refuses to take itself too seriously. Just makes it that much sweeter when the credits roll in and continue to deliver the perfect intro to this flick. Holy Shit Man surfing a sewer turd. Cinematic Masterpiece. 

The movie has an easy enough plot to follow and centers on romantic entanglements, situational comedy and adult situations. The greatest parts about this movie revolve around the actors somehow maintaining a straight face while delivering some of the most absurdly spoken lines in cinema. I loved watching the interactions between characters and the development of the main character as she works her way through all the bullshit (people shit?) surrounding her strange and often erotic predicaments. Lane Hutchins (Rebecca Rinehart) must determine the best way to deal with HSM and all the devilish antics that come with it. Should be easy enough to handle but with everyone in town hell bent (see what I did there?) on summoning Holy Shit Man, she would be lucky just to survive. With a dynamic supporting cast offering helpful advice and more than a few instances of offering themselves as sacrifices to slake the bloodlust of HSM, she reaches her apex in the film’s final moments, a delicious cacophony of body count, stereotypical tropes, nerd culture and even deliberate monologue jabs. It truly is glorious. 

As fun as it is to watch this creatively orchestrated, fantastic trainwreck, I have a small gripe. More time should have been given for HSM to give his glorious monologue…. Just kidding. No one gives a shit about your backstory dude. If you’re in the mood for something heartwarming, loving and kind. A story with provocative meaning, soul wrenching choices set in a modern era replete with a colorful cast perfectly balancing the setting? This isn’t that movie. Go watch the Hallmark Channel. This is an irreverent blast through turd town, exploring the depths of depravity of your own imagination. I’m here for every second of it. I’ve set the expectation, this film is gross, hilarious and absolutely accurate in the characterization of everyday people dealing with something as absurd as HSM. I mean that. If you walk in expecting an earth crushing blockbuster feature film with an absurd budget, you’ll be disappointed. If you walk in expecting boobs and blood along with dick and fart jokes, you’ve come to the right place. As an aside, if you fail to find enjoyment in this film after knowing full well what to expect, I’ll send Ally (Athena Prychodko) to your house to kick your ass. I might even petition Carmilla (Julie Anne Prescott) to join her and then you’ll really be up shit creek. 

Do yourself a favor, grab a copy of this flick and enjoy yourself. Just make sure you put the kids to bed first and don’t say the name, and if you do, make sure you have a plunger handy because there is only one toilet in the hell you’ll be sent to and the porcelain throne is occupied. But hey, at least the devil is hot. 

I give this film 666 perfectly polished turds out of 10. 

“Crazy” Chris M.