Netflix announces some changes coming…

If you are one, like me, of the 17 million Netflix customers who have had the service for more than 2 years, you are probably pretty comfortable by now paying $7.99 a month. Even when they announced in 2014 that they were increasing the subscription cost, they grandfathered all existing accounts so we didn’t feel the increase. That is coming to an end in May.

Netflix has announced that as of the May billing cycle, all except UK customers will have to pay $2 more per month. UK customers will see their increase a month later. Even with the increase, it is projected that only 3 or 4 percent of customers will cancel, a projection that is low enough to be acceptable for streaming service. Rumblings have already started as those vocal opponents are already criticizing Netflix for their smaller catalog offering and increasing their subscription cost. However with a large offering of original content being provided and more coming, people seem to come for the originals rather than the “new release” movies that we originally signed up for.

For new customers, Netflix raised their prices last October again, and are planning another increase in October of this year.