New shows on Geek Public Radio

In case you haven’t been listening to the radio arm of Geek Public Radio, or if you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, there has been some shows that have appeared on the station without much fanfare. We have talked about them in passing on the facebook page, but nothing really in depth. Well, now that they have gotten settled and everything seems to be going good it is time we let everyone know what’s up.

After a couple failed attempts to have live DJ’s on the station, we had some great shows but life got in the way. We got some of the old band back together from before the Revol Radio days. Both Pat and Bill from the original Man Cave said that they would come back, giving us our Friday night prime time show. Show starts every Friday night at 7pm est. The Man Cave, as they like to call it ADD radio, talks cars, motors, and even homebrewing/wine making. It has become a popular show on Fridays as well as the podcast that is up on Spreaker.

Shortly after that, a few guests that were on that show decided to approach us with a show idea of their own. Jim and Stafford (from the GPR podcast) started talking about doing a metal show that revolved around talking about the paranormal and conspiracy theories while playing metal songs that relate to the topic. It is a great show, plus their weekly giveaways provided by the Verse Games is a great time. The show airs every Saturday night at 9pm est.

We are looking to add more, and as always we are still producing the GPR podcast and getting great reviews from that. Recently we have been uploading the podcast to Youtube as well, but that has not taken off like it has on Spreaker or the other podcast services you can now find us on. So tune in and check the new show, or if you have an idea for a show you would like to do, or hear, let us know.