‘Pennyworth’ EPIX Review

With the end of Gotham, and seeing how the story of Bruce Wayne evolved from a child left alone in the world to the Batman, there was something that was left unanswered. Who exactly was Alfred before taking up with the Waynes. Plenty of clues were dropped during Gotham, but I for one would like to see it evolve as much as I did the Bruce Wayne. Now Alan Sepinwall of the Rolling Stone has gone on record and said that he needed a show about how Alfred became Batman’s “butler as much as it needs one about the tailor who sells Bruce Banner all those purple pants.” Which is a bit lacking in understanding Alfred as a character. He was a caregiver, a surrogate parent, and was there to direct a child to deal with the death of his parents.

Now, I am interested in how a butler could teach so much to a young Bruce Wayne, and see how the choices that character made lead up to that. Enter Pennyworth. Four episodes in and the stylish 60’s England is fun. Set in a real space but with a quality that ties it back to the series that is directly tied to. For what it is worth, Pennyworth tries to distance itself from Gotham by ignoring anything that is already set up and tied to that story. The only connection is that Thomas Wayne and one or two other characters pop in. I don’t want to spoil too much of the show, however, I will say that it is definitely worth the watch if you enjoyed Gotham. I can’t wait as the rest of the season evolves.