Roku Channel Update

In case you haven’t heard, which I hope you already have because we talk about it alot, GPNetwork (which we are a part of) has launched a Roku channel in beta to test the bugs. The first major update has happened, and we are glad to say we have a home on the app as well.

At first it didn’t appear that we could get the code to work that would allow us to stream the radio station live on the channel, but the code works!!! If you haven’t checked out the beta yet, you should… if you don’t have a Roku device, get one… Then go over to and follow the instruction to add the beta. All the GPTV series are there, the stand alone short films, our podcast archives, a listen live tab, and a bunch of classic movies that can hold you over. After the conventions, all the con footage will be posted there as well. So check it out, hope to see you on there.