Slime of Fury splats onto Kickstarter!

USA, MILWAUKEE – April 7, 2016 – Jon Harwood, a Milwaukee game developer announces Kickstarter for Slime of Fury!

Slime of Fury is a 2D Zeldroidvania sidescroller where you take control of Slimy, a cute green slime monster. Punch monsters repeatedly in the face and take all their lunch money. Explore a variety of different areas each with unique enemies and items. Talk to and purchase items from a slew of zany NPCs.

Slime of Fury has fast combo driven combat where enemies drop higher amounts of gems the higher your combo. Exploration is essential for acquiring items that provide upgrades and brand new abilities. The new abilities allow Slimy entrance to new and different areas. When Slimy dies, he is sent to the afterlife. Typically that is the end of the journey for adventurers but there are plenty of shady characters in the Crossroads who can bring Slimy back to Ostrios. Slime of Fury will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

The story begins in the distant land of Ostrios. The Sun Shines, Birds chirp, Monsters and Humans live together in harmony. Slimy the squidgy slime monster is eager to get home and play his brand new video game, The Legend of Grundledorf II: Bob’s Asleepening. But just as Slimy is about to insert the cartridge, the entire world is plunged into darkness! A distant castle rises into the sky and looms ominously over the land. Many monsters of Ostrios see this as an omen to revert to their aggressive and evil ways, but not Slimy. Sensing a true adventure, Slimy sets off, determined to restore order to world and end the eternal night.

-Sick Combos- Punch, Kick and Blast your enemies quickly to rack up a High Combo! High Combos cause way more damage and cause enemies to drop more money
-Powerful Items- Increase your character’s stats and abilities by collecting magical items.
-Diverse Environments- Traverse dank caves, thick forests, towering castles, barren wastelands and many more.
-Zany NPCs- Take hints, buy items and services from varied and wacky monsters and townsfolk.
-Ferocious Foes- Do battle with a host of terrifying and sometimes adorable monsters and bosses.


“This game looks awesome, can’t wait to play it :3” ~ klopolo

“A metroidvania game where you play as an adorable slime. I can’t wait!” ~ Jayellow

“This just looks so cool. I love 2d platformers and I love cute little balls of slime; as of so far we’re set! If there was a place to donate I would donate! Keep it up, I want this game :D” ~Droxi



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