Star Wars: Rogue One… angry fans?

Disney made news again with the dropping of the anticipated Rogue One trailer. However, there are already websites that seem to be stirring up animosity with the diehard Star Wars fans.

Looking at the response that the trailer has received, it overwhelmingly comes back positive. There are a few that feel that Disney is milking the franchise for all its worth, and that there may be a bit of customer exhaustion after so much new content comes out, but that is normal. I may add, and a bit of a decent argument.

However, over at Epicstream, there are apparently reports of people being upset over having another female protagonist. The bitterness is already starting to seep into other conversations about the misogynistic nature of the geek culture. We here are adamant that this is farthest from the truth. We have scoured the internet and found a staggering amount of positivity for this movie. It is starting to sound like Epicstream is just making the normal saber rattling to drive traffic to their website, without care for the impact on the geek community as a whole.

We have said from the beginning of this whole debate that there is an element that has infested the geek culture that may have these Neanderthal proclivities, but that is not representative of the whole… and to treat it like it is the whole does more damage to our community. This frat boy type who thinks they are geeks because they play sports games and fantasy football… needs to be cut from the fold… but that is a rant for another time.
What we want to do here is to watch (or re-watch as the case may be) the trailer and enjoy the universe that got a lot of us into sci-fi.