Topher Chambers – Founder of Geek Public Radio and just one of the voices on the GPR Podcast. Topher has pushed for the last 5 years to keep GPR up to date on games and the geek community, and is focused on taking this next step to re-focus the brand back to its roots.
                                                             “Lil Sonny” Stafford – Newest member of the GPR team. Video gamer, and avid pen and paper gamer. Loves playing Battletech, Mechwarrior, D&D and a lot more.
                                                             Chris is prior military, but all geek. Loves video games, RPG’s, and LARPs. A regular voice on the podcast Sunday Night Madness, Maker’s wit and gaming knowledge makes him a go to guy for reviews of games and movies.
Krista is the newest voice to the GPR podcast network. Shebrings the female touch to a group of rough around the collar guys. While she is supposed to keep then in control, sometimes that task is more than anyone can deal with…
Jeff, another regular voice on the podcast Sunday Night Madness, loves games and gaming as well as cosplay and the geek community. A rare voice on other aspects of GPR, Jeff is a great person to get the unadulterated opinion on games or movies.

Support Staff.

Heather Chambers CFO
Rickie Chambers Project Manager
Terri Brenner Travel Manager
Angela Hill Copy Editor