With Every Fiber of My Being

First off, I don’t do music reviews. I tend to find myself enjoying most music that’s presented to me. I don’t have a degree in music theory, I was absent for the majority of college campus days and my musical preference ranges from Chopin to Steel Panther. What I do have is an uncanny ability to determine what sounds good and what doesn’t. I know what I like. I know what constitutes a dumpster fire or sound and what blends like a sweet margarita. (full disclosure, I hate Tequila) Keep all of that in mind while you ponder my sage wisdom when it comes to this Album.

Fire in the Hole by Fiber is a wonderfully executed composition of punk music. It works each song in a traditional sense while simultaneously lending a unique sound to each track. ‘Sleeper’ in particular for me had an almost hypnotic drive behind it, making it a great song before the climactic ‘villainous’ rounds out the song selections. Preceding these songs is a cool vibe of classic punk with tracks like ‘You’re Drunk Bill’ or ‘Full Force’ mixed with crunchy rock overtures in ‘Flea Circus’ and ‘Kornbread’. The entire musical composition on this album is a fun ride from start to finish and I found myself repeating the album when it finished. Really, that’s what it should be. If you finish an album and find yourself wanting to go back for a second dip in the pool, you’ve stumbled into something good. 

The artwork on the album cover is definitely worth mentioning as well with the bold annunciation of the band’s name and title layered over some pretty awesome etchings by George Cuikshank. Love the entire design of it. 

I’m not going to overly complicate this review with comparisons or intricate analysis into each note or verse, instead what I’ll do is what I feel is the best thing for any review. I’m recommending this album for a listen. If you’re a fan of punk music you’ll enjoy this album. It’s not going to completely change your life, but it’ll definitely provide you track after track of entertaining, percussive and gravelly punk rock. 

So, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Fire in the Hole by Fiber and if you ever get the chance to check these guys out live, do that as well. Lazy Boy, Dennis, and Shipwreck Shep work in tandem to deliver a killer show and apparently a killer album as well. 

77.6 out of 10 (my ‘Precision’ is off)

Crazy Chris