Game Stores That Actually Carry RPG Books?

Am I the only one that enjoys walking into a game shop and seeing the shelves of game books that line the walls? It seems that those days are long gone (at least around here). I love finding new game shops, and have recently found myself driving an hour and a half to find a new one. The problem is, just like all the game stores around us, they focused on video games, board and card games. When I asked if they had any RPG books, I got the normal response I have become accustomed to... We can order it.

How can I find new games that I may want to play if I have to know what I am after when I go there? That also begs the question, why go there if I can order it as well? I know that video games and board/card games are more popular and they need to do things that make money to stay open, I just miss the days of going into a game shop and finding new games... or being surprised when I come across something out of print that I didn't already have. Finding used game books at some used bookshops, like Half-Priced Books, just isn't the same.

Times have changed, but doesn't mean that I have to like it. Do you have a game store that stocks a good number of RPG books? Let us know in the comments on here or on Facebook... we do travel...


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