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Take Me to the Afterlife

Take Me to the Afterlife I feel like I’m one of many fans who has sat patiently for the last 20 years, eagerly awaiting someone, ANYONE to take up the mantle of the Ghostbusters and bring the zany comedy back to the mainstream. When 2016 rolled around and they announcedContinue Reading

RUST – a review of a three-year-old game

Everyone knows, if you have listened to the podcast, radio show, any of our live shows, or just paid attention to the station, that I like games where I get to build things, farm materials and survive in a world where I have a chance.  If you are like me,Continue Reading

From Hell and Heaven, it’s been a long road.

Lucifer Season 6 Review After six seasons, many deaths and many coming back, many trips to Hell, and then to the Silver City, Lucifer finally comes to an end that many may not have seen coming.  I’m trying to be as spoiler-free as possible, which, after this last season isContinue Reading