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Superman: Legacy surprise casting rumors

There is new information hitting the interwebs about the upcoming Gunn DC Universe. "Superman: Legacy," talk spread about the new iteration of Supergirl. This could potentially lead to her own feature, "Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow." Not everyone's jumping out of their seats, but it's an interesting development, nonetheless.

Wizards under the knife

Wizards of the Coast has not been spared the axe, even though it seems to be what has been keeping the company afloat. This decision to cut jobs appears to be a part of a broader effort by Hasbro to manage its operational costs and adapt to the changing market.

Is Hasbro a sinking ship?

Hasbro, once a titan in the toy and game market, is currently navigating rough waters. The company is experiencing major upheavals, including significant layoffs, a shift in retail trends, and a growing rift with its dedicated Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fan base. These issues are symptomatic of deeper problems within Hasbro and the broader industry.


Modiphius Entertainment is getting in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities with massive deals on their most iconic titles. These deals are just the thing to get yourself or your fellow dice junkies started with a new tabletop experience, with core books, GM accessories, starter sets, and more available.

GPR Podcast

A New War About to Break Out in the Content Creator World

The smoke on the horizon is starting to become thick and toxic as it seems there is a war brewing between Youtubers and Twitch streamers over react content and streams. We will talk a little about that and Sony’s State of Play. Check us out on our various platforms ______________________________________________ Guilded – https://www.guilded.gg/i/EAJ8ANr2 Facebook – […]

GPR – New World, Scar Jo Sues, and Blizzard is in flames

Topher and Crazy Chris talk about the New World Beta that is wrapping up, then move on to the trouble for Disney coming from Scarlett Johansson related to violations of her contract for "Black Widow" with them. On the grounds of lawsuits, Blizzard is mired in one themselves for creating a terrible work environment with harassment and sexual predators running the coop.

The Hobo's Crypt Podcast

Experimenting with Thomas Peek

Topher sits back and talks movies, horror, and so much more with Indie director and owner of Thomas Peek Films, Thomas Peek. To check out more from Thomas Peek Films, find information, and maybe purchase a movie, go to https://thomaspeekfilms.com

Office Haunts

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