Just some con tips before Gen Con

Well it is 21 days to Gen Con Indy. If you are like me, you are getting your things in order so that you can have a great con without rushing last minute. If not, then you should think about getting things started so that when it comes time you can just grab and go.

For those of you who are new to the convention scene, especially Gen Con, (and even some who have been a few times) we have a few tips that you may not have thought of when coming to the con.

First, a lot of people think that loading up on Vitamin C beforehand and keeping a stock of hand sanitizer is a good tip. Well, the benefits of vitamin C are debated… what isn’t debated is that if you don’t prepare for it, you will get sick during or after the show. Wash your hands and use sanitizer, and it will help the mid con crud stay away.

GPR goes to IndyPopCon

This weekend, in Indianapolis is another in an ever growing list of geek conventions... and we are beyond pleased... This year however, we will be attending IndyPopCon with our camera and doing some con coverage from the hall. Normally, in the past we have done cons like Gen Con (which we will be there again this year) and some of the horror conventions, but we are branching out to cover more of what is going on in the mid-west for us centrally located geeks. So if you see us walking around, feel free to stop and talk... who knows we may put you up on the page.


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