Superman: Legacy surprise casting rumors

There is new information hitting the interwebs about the upcoming Gunn DC Universe. "Superman: Legacy," talk spread about the new iteration of Supergirl. This could potentially lead to her own feature, "Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow." Not everyone's jumping out of their seats, but it's an interesting development, nonetheless.

Wizards under the knife

Wizards of the Coast has not been spared the axe, even though it seems to be what has been keeping the company afloat. This decision to cut jobs appears to be a part of a broader effort by Hasbro to manage its operational costs and adapt to the changing market.

Is Hasbro a sinking ship?

Hasbro, once a titan in the toy and game market, is currently navigating rough waters. The company is experiencing major upheavals, including significant layoffs, a shift in retail trends, and a growing rift with its dedicated Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fan base. These issues are symptomatic of deeper problems within Hasbro and the broader industry.

Marshalltown after Midnight Ep 7 – The Static Shadows

In this captivating episode of "Marshalltown Mysteries," host Alex Riddle explores the eerie phenomenon sweeping through our town – The Static Shadows. Imagine a world where your shadow, your silent companion, suddenly refuses to follow, frozen in time and space, detaching from its owner. This is not the realm of fantasy; this is the reality Marshalltown finds itself grappling with.