The OnTabletop 2022 Choice Award-Winning Wargame Joins ViaModiphius Line Up With Core Book Retail Release. 

Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) is a miniature wargame for epic small-scale sci-fi miniatures created by Giacomo “Jack” Pantalone, known online as The Lazy Forger since 2009, and Federico “Feo” Valsecchi from Feo’s Miniwords. Both authors are veterans in the miniatures and wargaming design worlds, and together wrote Round of Fire, currently an Electrum seller on Wargame Vault.

Modiphius will be launching an updated retail edition of the Full Spectrum Dominance rules as well as two packs of unit cards covering both current factions, The Enlisted and The Tech, plus two completely new factions, The Conglomerate, and The Union.

The retail edition includes new material, such as a set of narrative scenarios, solo rules, a campaign system with advancements and area of control, plus lots of beautiful photos, and comes with a free PDF and sample set of STL miniatures. 

Miniatures and Scale

FSD allows players to use miniatures at any scale from 3mm to 15mm and over, so players don’t need the official range; they can use anything they have available. Vehicles and mechs are handled individually, and infantry troops move in small teams, either as grouped figures or multi-based stands. You can fit two armies and a full battlefield on a coffee table, as little as 2 x 3 feet, moving platoons and tank groups with the same ease you would do in a skirmish game!

FSD gained attention through a superbly detailed range of beautiful, ready-to-print 3D miniatures designed by the team. This translates roughly to 1:300 – 1:250, and humans are about 8mm to the top of their heads. Originally designed for 6-8mm miniatures, due to the exceptional level of detail, the community has been printing 15mm scale versions and above with great success. 

The range also comes with a huge selection of terrain to suit all needs to the same level of incredible detail, such as rusting refineries, outposts, shanty towns, and colony buildings. All the miniatures and terrain are pre-supported and ready for printing.

How is it played?

The FSD rules are based around a dice-based activation engine utilizing unit cards on which dice are placed to power different effects. This ensures that, at any moment, all players are involved in the game! Players must balance their resources and choose every action carefully while minimizing the downtimes with reactions and triggers. Will you use your Activation Dice to get your infantry moving, send in the armor, attack with giant weapons, or have artillery support? It’s up to you to choose what to unleash each turn! The combat system uses different dice types and numbers to effectively represent a wide range of weapons and targets, and the damage for each Unit is easily tracked at the bottom of each card, keeping it simple but adding to the storytelling of each battle.

FSD is set in a not-too-distant future, where humanity is scattered between several worlds in a handful of nearby star systems without faster-than-light travel. The Enlisted – a militaristic government fights for hegemony against The Tech –  a force of sentient robotic machines, while The Conglomerate – mercenary troops – defend the interests of the megacorporations. Meanwhile, hidden from the battlefield, the Union – workers of the mega-factories have now unionized and are reclaiming their land.

Modiphius will soon launch the retail edition of the FSD Rules and unit cards along with web store-only bundles of the official range of STL miniatures and terrain. 

Sign up to be the first to know about the pre-order of FSD here, and join a widespread community of players all across the globe that is active both on the Discord channel and the Facebook group.

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