Marshalltown after Midnight Ep 3 – The Time Lost Traveler

Welcome to another night of enigma with “Marshalltown after Midnight.” In tonight’s episode, “The Time Lost Traveler,” host Alex Riddle delves into the tale of a mysterious visitor whose sudden appearance and disappearance in Marshalltown has left the townsfolk both bewildered and intrigued.

This stranger, emerging from nowhere, graced our streets with a presence that felt both familiar and otherworldly. As quickly as they arrived, they vanished, leaving behind a trail of questions and a handful of curious encounters.

In this episode, Alex shares captivating letters from locals who met this elusive traveler. Each account paints a different portrait – from a wise sage offering cryptic advice to a fleeting shadow barely noticed. Who was this person? A figment of collective imagination, a lost wanderer, or something far more enigmatic?

Join us as we piece together the puzzle of this enigmatic visitor through the voices and memories of those who crossed paths with them. Explore the blurred lines between reality and legend in the sleepy town of Marshalltown.

Subscribe and listen to “The Time Lost Traveler” for a journey into the heart of our town’s latest mystery. It’s a story of fleeting encounters and lasting impressions, a narrative that intertwines the ordinary with the inexplicable.

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