Marshalltown after Midnight EP 4 – Unchanging Faces

In this hauntingly intriguing episode of “Marshalltown after Midnight,” titled “Unchanging Faces,” your host Alex Riddle unravels a tale that blurs the lines between past and present in the most uncanny way.

Imagine someone walking the streets of Marshalltown who is the spitting image of a person who vanished decades ago. Not just a passing resemblance, but an eerie, unchanging likeness. This episode delves into the story of this inexplicable doppelgänger, whose appearance stirs memories and raises questions among the townsfolk.

Alex takes you through the winding paths of this mystery, exploring the history of the person who disappeared long ago and the life of their modern-day twin. How can someone bear such an exact resemblance to a person from the past? Is it a mere coincidence, a trick of genetics, or something more supernatural at play?

Featuring interviews and accounts from locals, “Unchanging Faces” is a journey through time and memory. It’s a story that challenges our understanding of identity and continuity, leaving listeners to ponder the possibilities of what lies beyond the veil of the known.

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