Marshalltown after Midnight Ep2 – The Marching Band Mirage

Welcome back to “Marshalltown after Midnight,” where the extraordinary is just another part of our nightly tales. In this captivating second episode, our host Alex Riddle takes you through a mystifying incident involving the local marching band and a city that appears from thin air.

Picture this: the Marshalltown marching band is practicing as usual, but suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by an immense, unknown metropolis, looming out of nowhere. Streets, buildings, and sounds of a bustling city envelop them, only to vanish as quickly as it appeared.

Alex Riddle dives deep into this bewildering occurrence, uncovering startling historical reports that suggest this isn’t the first encounter with the phantom city. Through interviews with eyewitnesses and a delve into the archives of WKLR and Marshalltown’s history, we explore the possible explanations for this surreal phenomenon.

Is it a collective hallucination, a trick of light and sound, or something far more
inexplicable? Join us as we piece together this puzzle, blending local lore with a touch of the supernatural.

“The Marching Band Mirage” isn’t just a story; it’s a journey through the less-traveled paths of Marshalltown’s past and present. Tune in and be part of this intriguing exploration of the unexplained.

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