Marshalltown After Midnight EP 1 – Lost Tuesday

Welcome to “Marshalltown after Midnight,” a captivating podcast that immerses you in the mysterious world of Marshalltown, Indiana. Join your enigmatic host, Alex Riddle, for our spellbinding first episode: “The Lost Day.”

Imagine this: the entire town of Marshalltown goes to sleep on a mundane Monday night, only to wake up and discover it’s already Wednesday. An entire day has vanished, leaving no memories or traces behind.

In this episode, Alex Riddle, the voice of WKLR Radio, guides you through the eerily quiet streets of Marshalltown, piecing together this bewildering puzzle.

“Marshalltown after Midnight” is not just a podcast; it’s an experience. Blending the nostalgic charm of late-night radio with the thrill of modern storytelling, each episode explores the uncanny and supernatural occurrences that seem all too common in Marshalltown.

Dive into the enigma of the lost day. Why did it disappear? How did the town collectively lose its memory? Subscribe to our channel and join us on this auditory expedition to unearth the secrets lurking in the shadows of Marshalltown.

Tune in for new mysteries every Tuesday at midnight. Let Alex Riddle be your guide to the inexplicable and the unexplained in Marshalltown.

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