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Is Hasbro a sinking ship?

Hasbro, once a titan in the toy and game market, is currently navigating rough waters. The company is experiencing major upheavals, including significant layoffs, a shift in retail trends, and a growing rift with its dedicated Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fan base. These issues are symptomatic of deeper problems within Hasbro and the broader industry.

Is it sad that this was my best wipe yet? #rust #gamers #geek

Topher spends his 30 hours of gaming challenge for blood cancer awareness on Rust... and well here is why he really isn't that good. This was his best wipe yet!

Call of Cthulhu: Chapter 1 Pierce Investigations

Launching our playthrough series with a horror game that we enjoy... Call of Cthulhu. Chapter 1 - We get introduced to Edward Pierce and Pierce Investigations.
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