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Office Haunts

They also feel less stress, are more fun to be around this beautiful wordpress theme are more optimistic, and enjoy their lives more than people who are unhappy.

Experimenting with Thomas Peek

Topher sits back and talks movies, horror, and so much more with Indie director and owner of Thomas Peek Films, Thomas Peek. To check out more from Thomas Peek Films, find information, and maybe purchase a movie, go to

A New War About to Break Out in the Content Creator World

The smoke on the horizon is starting to become thick and toxic as it seems there is a war brewing between Youtubers and Twitch streamers over react content and streams. We will talk a little about that and Sony’s State of Play. Check us out on our various platforms ______________________________________________ Guilded – Facebook – […]

GPR – New World, Scar Jo Sues, and Blizzard is in flames

Topher and Crazy Chris talk about the New World Beta that is wrapping up, then move on to the trouble for Disney coming from Scarlett Johansson related to violations of her contract for "Black Widow" with them. On the grounds of lawsuits, Blizzard is mired in one themselves for creating a terrible work environment with harassment and sexual predators running the coop.

GPR – Days of the Dead Recap

Topher the Paranormal Hobo and Crazy Chris go over the zany adventures experienced at Days of the Dead Indianapolis! Join the fun, like and leave a comment for the guys! Also included are special sneak peeks into the gameplay of New World